Houston Art Collectors

Filmmaker Cressandra Thibodeaux directed, shot and produced this short documentary which follows Victoria Lightman as we interviewed Houston art collectors and artists. The film also highlights Mrs. Lightman's wonderful class called Looking at Art, which introduces many Houstonians to local Houston artists, galleries and art collectors. This documentary was made through the 14 Pews Film Academy. All the editors were college students, which Ms. Thibodeaux taught editing practices and tips which she learned while studying under Ralph Rosenblum (Woody Allen's editor) and Sam Pollard (Spike Lee's editor). Thank you to Victoria Lightman for picking the Houston art collectors and for doing all that she does for the Houston art community. The documentary Houston Art Collectors had its world premiere at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival in 2015. The film highlights Houston artists: Dixie Friend Gay, Troy Woods, Patrick Turk Collage Art and Neva Mikulicz.